Phix SG | Connecting You To Talent Around You

Connecting You to Talent Around You.

Phix is an easy-to-use platform which allows you to book your desired service and provider - Anytime, Anywhere.

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Be surprised by amazing features.


Choose from a list of providers based on their proximity to where your office or home is.

On-Demand Bookings

Get efficient service by making a booking at the current time or whenever you require the service to be carried out.

In-App Communication

Call or text your provider from the app itself to clarify your questions and inform them what exactly you require.

Become an Inspiration

Leaving your reviews is easy, and providers value them as they are helpful to get their next jobs.

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Services that assist exponential growth.


Lifestyle, Sports Coaching, Martial Arts, Music, Language, Academics.


Marketing, Public Relations, Creatives, Digital Marketing, Business Admin.


Logistics, Personal Assistant, F&B, Events, Admin, Retail.


Product Controller, Audit, Tax Returns, Risk Analysis


Laptop and PC, Web Conferencing, Smart Home System, Software.

Repairs & Installation

Electrical, Aircon, Plumbing, Appliances repairs, Flooring & etc.

Make a booking in just a few taps

Meet your real Phix Providers!

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Provider Name : Daryn Croft

Area of Expertise : Public Speaking, Event Hosting, Voice-Over, Voice Coaching, Keynote Speaker

Years of Experience : 8 years

Services Offered : Voice Coaching & Enhancement, Public Speaking Coaching

Provider Name : Mdm Lim

Area of Expertise : Kids Tutoring

Years of Experience : 7 years

Services Offered : Art & Craft Lessons

Provider Name : Master Jet Lauw

Area of Expertise : Chinese Martial Arts

Years of Experience : 30++ years

Services Offered : Taichi Kuan & Qi Gong

Provider Name : Fazraley

Area of Expertise : Strength and Endurance Training

Years of Experience : 3 years

Services Offered : Personal Training

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Person Image


Customers since launched are engaging providers on our platform.

Some frequently asked questions.

How does Phix work?

Phix is a 2 sided platform, one for the customers and one for service providers/vendors.

Customer may book for a service required for now or at a later date via card or cash. The invoice will be sent to the customer after the job is completed.

Can I call the service on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you may. However, the invoice will be billed to you. Please enter the correct address before making the booking to ensure a smooth transaction.

Does Phix charge any service fee to the customer?

No, there is no service fee charged to you when you make a booking. Our platform is free for usage to customers.

Can I get refund for a job done unsatisfactorily?

You can email us your experience via in-app support and we will investigate and reply to you via email within 7 working days.

If there is a dispute, who can I contact?

Should there be a dispute regarding the job carried out by a Provider, go to the Phix app and in the review screen, tap on the "Dispute" option at the top right corner. Alternatively you may email us at

Can I cancel my appointment and are there any penalties?

For cancellation of appointment before provider is on the way, there’ll be no charge incurred to you. However if the provider is on the way to your location, there will be the service charge incurred, as we want to minimise the disruptions to the appointments that have been arranged.

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