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A main dish of your monthly pay check…and a side of $3k? Ingredients listed below.

Unpredictable. That’s what the future of work described in one word would be. With Artificial Intelligence on the rise, robots will soon be replacing a sizeable chunk of the human workforce in the not-so-long run.

Driverless automobiles “will account for up to 75 percent of cars on the road by 2040”, pronounces Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Elon Musk claimed to put self-driving vehicles on the map by 2018, and the Tesla was miles from a let-down.

Not just drivers – waiters, receptionists; any job lodged in replication or hard skill is threatened.

Why even look at the future, when the uncertainty of the present itself is peaking? The numbers definitely speak for themselves.

“The future of work is revolutionising, and you have to revolutionise to keep up….”

Seven in ten Singaporeans are not optimistic about finding another job in the midst of the unemployment spike. Over a quarter of local employees feel insecure in their jobs, with the percentage of uncertain individuals being inversely proportionate to the income bracket.

It’s a testament in itself, however, that an astounding 94% of Singaporeans cannot claim that they are ‘not stressed at all’ about losing their jobs.

The job playground is changing; creativity is slowly outweighing pure skill. Having a career rooted in emotional intelligence is your security key to a much more certain future.

The future of work is revolutionising, and you have to revolutionise to keep up.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Being the first of its kind, Phix has just simplified the complicated money-making algorithm.

Hard skill-wielders find a refuge from job-extinction through the over 500 – and still rapidly growing – services that line the aisles of this affordable, on-demand marketplace. This homegrown start-up has made it its mission to safeguard not only the endangered blue but white-collar jobs as well.

Fast-paced as this cosmopolitan world might be, we are and will always be about the people. Because let’s face it, a robot-driver could get the job done, but the long talks with your people-drivers will be thrown out of the window right behind their retrenched selves.

The abovementioned 94% don’t have to be on edge anymore.

Reduce, re-use, recycle are good for the planet’s health, but we have the 3 ‘R’s that are good for yours: Register, Resume, Revenue. Phix’s futuristic nature leaves the extensive job-hunting days – scrolling through search engines and having tabs after tabs open – in the dust.

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Housekeeping, tutoring, risk analysis; you have the skill, we have the jobs.

Might be a bold statement, but I think it’s safe to say we haven’t just revolutionised; we are the revolution. And you’re losing out if you aren’t a part of it right now.

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