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4 Similarities and Differences Between COVID-19 Vaccine and Phix Customer App.

When PM Lee announced that we would be moving into Phase 3 on the 28th of the month, it was all anyone could talk about. Gatherings can take place in groups of 8 instead of 5, and the first batch of vaccines has already touched down on Singaporean land.

It might be a little tough to imagine what the title is talking about, but in the broadest sense, both the vaccine and app are lifesavers – albeit in different ways. 



The vaccine – without needing an explanation – saves lives in the literal sense. The immunity that it promises from the current pandemic has created great hope in the hearts of the Singapore community, and there is great anticipation regarding PM Lee’s statement that there will be enough to go around for everyone by the third quarter of 2021

Phix helps make life easier in a slightly different way. With over 300 services available, ranging from housekeeping to business analysis to guitar lessons, this on-demand app gives customers a wide range of services to choose from. 

And it gets better. The islandwide coverage of Phix allows you to access providers in your geo-location. Need a service immediately? You got it. Want to schedule for sometime in the future? We have you covered on that front as well. 

Free to Get

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is free to all Singaporeans and long-term residents, exactly like the Phix Customer App. There is no charge for signing up and customers have the liberty to book as many services as they wish to or deem necessary. 

Apart from that, both the sign-up and vaccine administration are on a voluntary basis. Essentially, you call the shots. 


How long has it ever taken you to have a vaccine administered? Even if you are someone who does not do well with needles, you hardly realise when it started and when it ended while the doctor tries to distract you with soothing words of encouragement. Not even five heartbeats and the whole thing is over.

Well, it may take longer than just mere seconds to make a booking on Phix, but once you know the exact service you want, the booking process is a breeze. 

Simply select your service, key in your location, choose your provider and preferred timeslot, and you are good to go.

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Simplicity of Storage

There are not many differences between both products that comes to mind, but this is definitely one of them. 

The Pfizer vaccines need to be stored at negative 70 degrees Celsius, and this sets off an entire supply chain where the appropriate facilities to make ideal storage conditions possible need to be manufactured or shipped over. This in turn translates to considerable costs for the government. 

Using the Phix app, on the other hand, is nothing if not easy and convenient. You will agree once you start using it. 

At the end of the day, the one thing you can’t deny is that having both of these will give you nothing to lose but everything to gain, be it in terms of health or peace of mind. Skeptical? Think about it again once you’ve got your vaccine and made your first booking on the Phix Customer App.

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

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A Business Woman or Mum? Family Versus Career

Young working mothers have so much to take care of; from feeding to cooking to working and cleaning. For them – more than others, if I daresay – work-life balance is a goal that truly takes a lot of work. 

33-year-old Veronica Lee is no different. With her son just having started primary school and her daughter kindergarten, juggling between her career and family has become her every day. Being a business owner, this lady boss is not one of those women who has let her dreams and aspirations take a backseat for the sole purpose of taking care of her family. 

Running the household in every sense that matters has become second nature to her. The NUS business graduate set up her ecommerce company five years ago, and it has only flourished. She found not just knowledge, but love as well in college, and the happy couple tied the knot shortly after their graduation. Together, the husband and wife put their degrees to good use – as her spouse does well as a full-time employee of a bank – and bring home a sturdy income to support their family. 

Even though the family of four is financially stable, Veronica has yet to achieve the goals she has set out for herself. Being a great aspirer, her dream is to establish her company’s presence on an international level, with outlets open in Indonesia, Dubai, France; you name it.

This, however, would almost definitely mean the toughest choice of her life for her: career versus family. If she throws herself into the development of her business, she would have to pay the price for it in terms of time with her children and husband. As a mother, she would have to forgo valuable moments she could use in shaping her children’s lives and imbibing humanitarian values in them, which will go a long way in defining them and in turn impact their futures.

Stuck in this dilemma, Veronica takes a step back and analyses her day-to-day life and tries to figure out how she can optimise her time and maximise her productivity. She first zeroes in on the fact that she does the household chores by herself. That in itself takes up a significant amount of her day, which she could invest in being productive on the fronts that matter more.

Her first mental note to herself is to look for quality housekeepers soon. 

Next, she makes a decision that holistic and all-rounded learning from a young age would give her children a taste of different fields to dabble in and potentially even lead to strong passion for one of them. 

Hence, her second mental note: look for artistic classes for the kids.

Satisfied, Veronica decides to take care of these two issues first. She was scrolling through Google, looking for the services she required separately, when she came across an app that seemed to have been crafted especially for her as a packaged solution. 

Before she could even wrap her mind around the fact that the app offered both blue and white-collar services – including the two she was specifically looking for – she saw that there was a whole list of service providers available to choose from. Their ratings, customer reviews and experience gave her a much better idea of who would be suited for each of her requirements. 

Assured by the quality and ease of the app, Veronica proceeded to book a certified guitar teacher for her children as well as an equipped housekeeper for the chores. The young businesswoman was feeling much more reassured and renewed in her motivation and spirits, as she had taken a first step towards her long-term objective while still making sure she was around for her loved ones.

Who would have thought there would be an all-in-one mobile app that could fix both her needs in an instant? With that magical experience behind her, she could now turn her focus back on her family and business with a happy heart. 

After all, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

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About Us

The ease that comes with the technologies of the 21st century is astounding. Just look at applications, or as we call them, apps. Be it food or a taxi, getting either in a few minutes is possible with just a click. You can even look for jobs just by scrolling through these apps.  

What happens, however, when you need something urgently fixed up in your own home? Or when your child’s exams are sooner than you thought and the need for a tutor is dire? What if you are dejected by the lack of replies even after taking the effort of sending out your well-written resume to countless jobs? Or if, say, one-fifth of your income is taken away as commission? 

And now for the real question: what if there is one app to solve all these problems? If you think that’s impossible, think again, for Phix is here! 

This one-of-a-kind platform provides services ranging from home-cleaning to finance, on demand. Customers now have the ability to book various kinds of services based on their needs. The simplicity of the app’s usage makes it extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

With the objective of being a fast, professional and effective bridge between customers and service providers, Phix has created two different apps; one each for both parties. 

Customers can make their booking in 4 short steps. 

  1. Choose the required service by simply clicking on the ‘+’ in the middle of the screen. This shows all the providers nearby as well as their rates. Once a provider is selected, their reviews and full list of services are reflected as well. 
  2. Swipe up to make the booking. There is a provision in this step to enter the number of desired units or hours, based on the nature of the job. 
  3. Select a time slot and payment method. This is simple and self-explanatory.
  4. Enter the residential unit number and include a short description of any specifications that the provider should be informed of.

Once the booking is complete, a notification will be sent to the customer when the provider has started making his or her way to the location. Customers can add their own review and experience to the provider’s profile upon completion of the job. 

The provider app is slightly different. Since Phix serves as a job portal for them, furnishing a detailed and comprehensive skillset would greatly benefit providers in terms of securing more jobs, and hence, more income. The process is definitely much simpler than applying for any other job, as there is no need to extensively search for various jobs in the first place and send resumes out to apply for each one of them.

Effortless procedure aside, Phix offers great flexibility and benefits for its registered providers. Not only is signing up free, there’s also a $50 perk for every new provider sign-up. This comes with the freedom of setting their own justified rates and schedules as well. 

A more detailed explanation of the navigation and plus points of the app can be found in this short video from our YouTube channel, Phix SG:

In a nutshell, Phix makes the process uncomplicated: one portal, one resume for providers, many jobs and services. 

Through this approach, Phix has not only revolutionised the tech market by being the first ever app to be a mass-service provider, but also created several job opportunities. Customers have quick and convenient access to services they would otherwise have to spend a considerable time looking for online. This in turn gives providers a chance to potentially make up to $3000 a month, which sits perfectly with Phix’s aim of lending a helping hand to those in the lower income bracket. 

So why wait when there’s no need to look further? Download Phix Customer or Phix Provider from your Play or App Stores to enjoy all these perks and more, and Phix your problems now! 

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

How Covid-19 Has Affected Us Not Physically, But Mentally.

When the pandemic first hit, people everywhere were being uncomfortably and unwillingly shut in the confines of their houses, and it took a long time to get used to the concept of staying in and working from home. As months passed and this arrangement looked as though it were here to stay for a long time, workplaces were compelled to turn to technology in ways that would take the place of real-life human interaction as much as possible. 

And all of a sudden, activity on Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype, and several other video-calling and communication platforms spiked to compensate for the inability to meet and work together. Officegoers now had the option to simply roll out of bed 15 minutes before they had to attend for a meeting, or now use that time to actually get cracking on the exercise schedule they previously never had the time for. 

Over time, people actually started liking the comfort of the situation and were getting settled into this new way of life. But of course, the circuit-breaker phase had to end sometime. So, offices resumed operations and employees now had to head back to work, albeit not all on a daily basis. 

All this makes it sound as though Singaporeans are very good at accepting and going with the flow, but is it all really as seamless as it seems? Mental health, for one – or the lack of it – has taken a toll on the employed during these evidently-long months of working from home. 

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According to a survey done by National University Health System’s (NUHS) Mind Science Centre, 61 percent of the employed population working from home are experiencing stress due to it, with over half of the same group saying they feel stressed at home itself. These figures are greater in comparison to the front-liners of the pandemic situation, who report only 53 percent and 32 percent of stress-experiences at work and home respectively. 

In addition to that, the same survey tells us that a greater proportion of the females are experiencing these negative mental health effects as compared to their male counterparts. 61.3 percent as compared to less than 50 percent are feeling stressed about work while the numbers talking about stress at home are 50.2 percent versus 45.5. 

Gender aside, the different age groups are affected differently as well. A second survey conducted by NUHS reveals to us to the younger generation feels less mentally resilient. To sum it up, half of the respondents aged above 45 felt more adept at being able to handle emotions such as sadness and anxiety compared to 40 percent of the younger ones. Half of the latter often found themselves having morbid thoughts and fears regarding their loved ones’ and own well-beings. 

These percentages might perhaps mean more to you if I tell you that they were derived from a total of almost 3,300 participants for both surveys combined. If these results are indicative of a mere fraction of our community, I personally cannot even begin to imagine the nationwide mental impact that Covid-19 has had on us. 

All this information and figures can be found in the Straits Times article I referenced above. However, I believe that repetition is reinforcement, and the fact of the situation has to be made known to the readers through these stark, rigid numbers. 

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR & Marketing Executive

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Yes, our website is ‘’, and we do not sell weed. 

It might sound absurd to some that I’m even clarifying this, but scrolling through @getphix’s Instagram followers was even more absurd for me. 

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When I first began working in the company, the over-800 Instagram followers had me impressed. Such a significant figure for a practically new start-up? Definitely impressive. 

Then I started scrolling through those followers, and it was obvious that some of them had only become followers because they had a completely different idea about what we did. 

I jumped onto Google to check what it had to say about us. Typing ‘phix’ in the search bar, my colleagues and I were pleasantly surprised to see our website as the seventh suggestion on the first page itself. After all, being one of Google’s top 10 suggestions is no small achievement, especially for a young start-up. 

The only damper on our spirits was the small fact that the first six suggestions were all about vaping and weed. 

And that was the last push I needed to get in front of my laptop and furiously clack away at my keyboard, because this message needs to get out there – and it needs to get out now. 

Whether you’re one of our few kick-seeking Instagram followers or just the innocent reader who chanced upon this article, you need to know this: MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL; PHIX SG IS NOT. 

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The way we Phix you up is genuinely intended to and targeted at simplifying and bettering your lives in a 100% legal, fast and easy way. 

Welcome to our humble abode, where we help connect customers and service providers offering over 300 services. With one-half of our aim being to serve as a safe haven to providers, Phix proudly hosts a wide range of both white and blue-collar services, from housecleaning to tutoring. 

New services are constantly being added, and this way, we complete the second half of our aim by providing our customers on-demand, custom-made quick fixes. 

Phix has always been about the community. I can tell you first-hand how true that is; the efforts we take on a daily basis to communicate with as many existing and potential members of the Phix family as possible are never-ending.   

We move forward with the goal of constantly trying to reach out to as many people as we can so that we can help them to the best of our abilities. You could be a freelancer looking for an avenue to make more income, or a customer needing a service; our doors are always wide open for you. 

Legal, safe, simple, even healthy: these are not the words used to describe weed, but Phix SG. It still boggles me that a provision this good can simply be downloaded on a phone in a matter of mere seconds. 

With that, my passionate speech-making has come to an end, and I would like to thank you for your attention. Once again, we are Phix SG, and we do not sell weed. 

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR & Marketing Executive

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