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Maybe Not Like Budget 2021, But We Are Helping Singaporeans Too.

Budget 2021 is out, and it has brought a plethora of financial changes to be implemented with it. This contains a mix of the government’s abundant help towards the society and every individual citizen’s contribution to sustain our country through the worst financial recession since independence.

Even amidst all these changes, however, Phix somehow manages to fit right in and stay relevant.

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that petrol duty rates would increase by 15 cents per litre for premium petrol from Tuesday, 16 February. This is alongside a 10 cent-raise in petrol duty rate for intermediate petrol.  

Undoubtedly, this affects almost everyone significantly. Phix customers, however, have it slightly better. 

This is when the geolocation feature comes in handy. Given this, customers can look for and choose providers closer to their homes. Not only does this shorten the time and money spent on travelling for the provider, it also allows the prices to stay stable as there is no hike in transport fee – if any. 

Another way we resonate with what has been said in Budget 2021 is in terms of financial help to households. 

A whopping $900 million has been dedicated to the Household Support Package to support families with their expenses, such as children’s education and utilities bills. 

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In our little way, we are trying to achieve our aim of helping the local community by personally sourcing providers for customers who require their services. This has a two-pronged advantage. Our customers’ needs are met, while our providers get equal distribution of the available jobs.

The government is also extending the Jobs Support Scheme for hard-hit industries. 

We at Phix try to provide financial aid to our providers as well. Though it is a far cry from the additional $700 million that the government is going to be pumping in, Phix covers every provider’s commission rate for a time through a $50 bonus given to them. This monetary cushion lasts for a good number of jobs due to the low commission rate. 

Budget 2021 is the government’s thoughtfully packaged solution to the people of Singapore, and it undeniably goes a long way in helping each and every one of them. Phix is simply seeking inspiration from this colossal effort and taking it in stride to help achieve its own aim of helping Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. 

As Mr Heng said in his Budget 2021 speech, and I quote, “I am confident that we, as Singaporeans, can once again summon our resolve to tackle the challenges and emerge stronger from this unprecedented crisis.” 

Personally, we could not agree more. Once you are a part of our Phix family, we take care of you in the best way we can. The best part? With just a single tap on your App Store or Play Store, you can join us as early as right now.

Download now and experience our very own version of Budget 2021.

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

7 Tips for A Happy Family.

‘Emotion’ is a simple enough word. But when it comes to actually experiencing them – not that simple anymore. 

Especially when it comes to family. There is no group of people in our lives more trying than them. Elation, anger, sadness; these are just some of the emotions we experience in the wide spectrum that they make us feel. 

Feeling all these emotions is more than alright. How to act on them in an appropriate manner is the tricky part. Sometimes, we tend to bring home the stress and duress of work, and that may translate into negative behaviour from us.  

Here are 7 pointers to consider to avoid unleashing your negative feelings and behaviour on your loved ones. 

Listen first if you want to be listened to.

This factor is definitely a two-way street. If you have expectations of your family being there to listen to you without you reciprocating it when they need it, you need to re-assess those expectations. 

Take a step back and look at yourself first.

Though your family definitely contributes to the way you may be feeling at a certain point, they are not responsible for your emotional well-being. And they most certainly are not answerable to who you are as a person at your very core. 

If you work on yourself, not only do you find your equilibrium from within, but your emotional stability may inspire the rest of your family to follow suit.

Consistency builds trust

This is not just about sticking to your word; it is also about being constant in the way you act. Loving your family one day and frightening them the next leaves them confused. Do not risk their foundation of trust in you being shaken up due to your emotional volatility. 

Just because you are close, does not mean you are them.

No one knows you better than family, and no one knows your family better than you. This is a given, seeing as they are the people you spend every day of your life with and around.

This tight bond, however, does not mean that you are the same person. Every individual has their individuality, and you have to accept that. Regardless of how similar your thought-processes may be, each member of your family has their own take on different issues, and respecting that is crucial in avoiding conflicts. 

An apology goes a long way.

‘Sorry’ is such a small word, yet takes the greatest efforts for some to be able to say. Apologising does not equate to lowering yourself, especially when it comes to those you love. On the contrary, it makes them respect and trust you more. 

Asking how you can make amends is a good follow-up to a sincere apology.

Evaluate why you and them may not be on the same page. 

If you have children, you know better than anyone how tough it is to see eye-to-eye with them on certain issues. Of course, they cannot have everything that they wish for, but is saying no all the time good? Especially when they are genuinely insisting on something? Taking a step back at times like this to assess why you are so strongly against it and trying to understand why they are persistent on certain choices is highly recommended. 

Accept and value every phase of life in your loved ones.

Last but far from the least, accept your family for who they are. Your children will not always be children, just like your parents are not going to stay strong and able forever.

Valuing each different stage of life they enter, along with your own, establishes a strong sense of understanding. This goes a long way in strengthening familial bonds and ensuring a happy family. 

These tips are only brushing the surface of what you can do to lead a happier life with a happier family over the years, but they are a solid start and foundation to doing so. 

Try some when you get home today. I promise you, just a smile from your loved ones will make all the effort worth it. 

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

Singapore’s best plumbing services are easier to find than you think.

With almost a million and a half households in Singapore, there is definitely a need for household amenities such as electrical repairs, housekeeping, and even plumbing.

Let us talk about plumbing. When you search in Google, there are several plumbers or plumbing companies that pop up in less than a second. 

Google search for Plumber in Singapore.

How do you choose the one you want, though? There are so many factors to take into account: the timing, the price, the experience and legitimacy of the plumber and so on. Furthermore, communicating to make sure they know the exact problem has to be easy.

What if you did not have to scroll through search engines anymore? How does no more clicking on different links and websites to find the right plumber sound? Because we have the solution that can make that happen for you. 

This easy-to-use Singapore app has not just plumbers, but a wide range of other services as well. But let me bring you through the journey of selecting the right provider for you easily by zeroing in on plumbing. 

Phix App Features
  • Download Phix Customer from App Store/ Google Play Store .  
  • Sign up. 
  • Key in your address in the address bar provided. 
  • Pick one of the nine service categories 
  • In this case, you can find plumbing under ‘Repairs’. 
  • Select the exact type of plumbing issue you are looking to get fixed, such as toilet bowl or machine pipe unclogging. 
  • Tap on any provider reflected on the map, or on the number of available providers at the bottom of the screen. 

Watch below for a short tutorial on how to book a provider on Phix Customer App. (link)

Everyone from this list of plumbers has their own skills, experience, pricings, ratings and reviews available. What’s more, you have access to all this information to help you make a decision while picking a plumber. 

The best part about this? The providers shown are those in your vicinity, so it does not matter whether you are in Jurong, Woodlands, Punggol or Bedok. The service will be carried out at any time and place of your choice and convenience. 

Also, bid goodbye to bidding. 

Some platforms require providers to bid for a job they are interested in. This leaves them constantly having to check if they got the job, as well as makes them question themselves if they did not. 

Here at Phix, they do not have to feel demoralised anymore. The way it works here is simple. You choose the provider, and they get the job once you book them.

Phix gets you the provider on demand; just choose the provider, it’s that simple.

No more doubting providers’ worth. The providers on the platform are skilled and experienced, and they are more than willing to do their best for you if you book their services. 

Replace tiring search engine-scrolling with simple booking on Phix Customer. And not just for plumbers either. Electricians, housekeepers, yoga teachers – you name it, we have it.

Download Singapore’s very own on-demand service provider app. Make your lives easier today. Especially now that you can get a $20 discount on every service using the promo code NEW20

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

5 Benefits of Having Family as Your Support System.

I am not sure about you, but personally, family is my biggest source of support. Had a bad day? They are there to cheer you up. Need to talk to someone? They are always around and available to hear you out.

Here are 5 of the many reasons why family is the best support system. 

You handle stress better.

What better reason to start off with than family being a stressbuster? Studies show that family inclusion was associated with greater resilience in the face of stress. A certain Carnegie Mellon University study even illustrates that people talk about their problems with their loved ones. This serves as a much healthier alternative than the others, such as substance abuse. 

Your lifespan increases.

It would be safe to say that spending time with family brings people one step closer to immortality. On top of that, not only do they live longer, but they live better as well. Having larger social circles translates to reduced stress, better memory, and long-term sharpness of the brain. 

Your mental health improves.

Family time does wonders for one’s emotional and psychological well-being. One way it does so is by giving people a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life. This in turn keeps them motivated and spurs productivity in their daily activities. 

There is another way mental health is improved. Different members of family bring out different facets of an individual’s personality, thereby giving them a better idea of who they are as a person. Confidence is boosted, and we all know how much we could use that in our lives.

Your mindset broadens. 

Family also helps in broadening our perceptions. Say you talk to someone about a problem you are going through; their point of view will most likely only give you a better understanding from one angle. If you share it with others, however, they may be able to offer you different takes on the same issue. This helps to give you a more comprehensive outlook on the issue as a whole.

It is great for the heart.

This benefit sounds like a no-brainer, but it is one of the biggest ones that family time has to offer. If you think about it, there are not many other intangible things that are as effective in improving cardiovascular strength and health. 

Apart from the emotional aspect of the heart feeling warmer when it comes to family, the stress relief factor helps to reduce risk of clogged arteries. Not only is the risk of heart attacks lowered, so are the pulse rate and blood pressure levels.

As you can see – and most likely already knew before reading this article – spending time with family gleans benefits in more than one way. It is an all-rounded solution for the perfect physical, emotional and mental health. 

Even though this is common knowledge, sometimes the simplest things need to be said out loud to have the greatest impact. So, if it is late now, and you are still working, close your laptops and head home. Because there is just no better way to unwind than by simply being with family. 

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

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