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5 Reasons Why You Need Cleaning Services For Your Home

Jan 01, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Need Cleaning Services For Your Home

0 Comments icon Jan 01, 2020

Keeping our homes clean is a very important chore to most of us. We usually try to get it done by ourselves or engage House cleaning services to do it for us. House cleaning services are rising in popularity among people who have less and less time and want to invest their time in other, more meaningful activities. Many families would prefer doing family activities and spending time together instead of always having to clean the house and carry out chores. Here at PHIX, we want to help families have more quality time together, and that is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of the work that we do. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to get a house cleaning service for your home.

  1. More Time with the Family

Singaporeans on average have one of the longest working hours per week in the world. This means that most Singaporeans spend a significant amount of time working, which leaves little free time. This free time is reduced even further if the family needs to do their housework, which more often than not, can be very time-consuming. Family time is precious, and having cleaners to carry out your household chores would free up a lot of that precious time.

With a household cleaner coming over to your house once a week to do all those chores like cleaning up the kitchen, toilets, and getting the rest of the house spick-and-span, how much more time would you have on your hands?

Studies have shown that even the slightest reduction in your stress levels can and will improve your productivity in other matters. And the best way to reduce your stress levels and be more productive is to have more free time to wind down.

You may think that household cleaners will cost a lot, but through PHIX you can find a range of cleaners providing different services, and you can make bookings as and when you need so that it can suit your budget. Spending time with your family instead of worrying about your chores ultimately reduce your overall stress and lead a better quality of life.

  1.  Maintain Your Home’s Value

It may not be obvious, but regular cleaning of your house helps to maintain the value of the house, if you are looking at selling in the future. Dirt, dust, and oils tends to accumulate over time if they are not regularly cleaned, and may permanently stain your house after some time.

Areas that are hard to reach also needs regular cleaning, and if you do these yourself, it will take a toll on you, as well as on your time. Wear and tear is unavoidable, but you can slow down the rate of deterioration with regular cleaning. The fact is that the cost of maintenance on a home with regular cleaning service is much more manageable than renovation costs later on in the future.

  1. Preparation for the Festive Period

In this festive period, you may be hosting guests to your home, for lunch or dinner gatherings, and you would definitely want the house to look clean. A clean house would put your guests more at ease, and make them more comfortable when coming over to visit. It would also give a good impression of you to your visitors.

But preparing for guests requires other work besides cleaning, like preparation of food, arranging the household items, replacing of furnishings etc. These activities would take up much of your precious time, so why not let a house cleaner carry out the house cleaning? That way, you can focus on other activities so that you can make your gatherings a successful one.

  1. You Could Use the Help

You could do an excellent job cleaning, but let’s face it, it isn’t the most enjoyable task, and sometimes we simply don’t have the time and have fallen behind on our chores, especially those troublesome chores that are not in our day-to-day cleaning routine.

Booking a house cleaning service to come in and do a full clean is one of the best gifts you can give yourself (and also to your family). Can you imagine not needing to clean your toilet or under the kitchen sink again? This doesn’t need to be a dream, it can be your reality.  Life should be enjoyed and we are more than happy to help you achieve that dream.

  1. Get A Reliable Service Provider like PHIX

As a local business, we understand the challenges of maintaining your home without missing out on other essential activities. While some people may not consider themselves a “clean freak,” ignoring dirt and dust can bring about health issues. We know how stressful life can get, and we want to help solve your problems. When you can’t find the time to spruce your home up, just get on our app and book the service you need! We want to give you the time you need for the things that matter the most – less stress, and

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