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The Biggest Weaknesses a Start-up CEO Should Have

Yes, weaknesses. All you read about is what makes a great CEO, “Five Qualities you can Find in the Best CEOs”, so on and so forth.

Cut them some slack. Allow them their weaknesses, and see where those lead them. 

  • Great power = great responsibility. But too much responsibility… 

The CEO is the big boss, so naturally, everything falls on them. There is a lot that goes on in a company, especially if it is a new start-up. From funding to marketing to sales – too much for just one person to take on alone. 

Undoubtedly, there are some jobs that only a CEO can do – such as hiring and delegating. 

Sometimes, start-up CEOs tend to forget that. In their minds, they play every role – from PR to marketing to support. 

This tends to result in an overworked and wrung-out CEO. 

It is these CEOs, however, that have the passion to cover all bases. They possess the skill of paying attention to details and being adept in several aspects.

  • Breaks? What are those? 

CEOs are incessant workers. Their unending work routine starts early in the morning, ends late at nights, and hardly contains a slot that says ‘break time’.  

This worsens with start-up CEOs. Their lives revolve around getting their start-up’s wheels turning, and making sure they keep turning and gaining momentum.

The cost? Going for walks, jogs, or even a simple lunch break at times. Eventually, the lack of breaks would weigh down on even the best of CEOs. 

It cannot be denied, however, that this sort of motivation cannot be found in just any individual. Employees may even feel spurred by their CEO to push themselves and explore their potentials.

  • “Sleep is for the weak.”

A good sleep cycle is between 7 and 9 hours long. This information does not seem to have an effect on CEOs.  

Reset My Business CEO Darren Witmer sleeps for not more than 4 hours every night. On the other hand, STS Capital founder Gregory McKee religiously gets his 8 hours of rest every night. He claims he cannot function effectively otherwise. 

Either way, every CEO requires sufficient sleep to be efficient the next day. When they compromise that, the problems arise. 

Being so driven that even the lack of sleep cannot be a deterrent, though, is admittedly impressive, albeit begrudgingly to some. Investors look for this conviction in a CEO. Many would admit they are hard-pressed to find CEOs worth their mettle. 

  • Thinking they are not just Captain America, but all the Avengers combined.

Around-the-clock working and lack of enough rest definitely takes a toll on mental health. Exhaustion can unconsciously instill negative emotions, such as frustration and despair. 

This can translate into several outcomes, few of them good. Members of a start-up are generally more energetic, as is necessary. But overdoing it burn out the entire team; especially the CEO, who does more. 

The takeaway here? The CEO’s mindset. Physical limitations regardless, their belief in themselves and their team to get work done transcends those boundaries. 

Their rare and immense mental strength gives them an extra boost, making it a prized quality in a CEO.

  • Weakness? Never heard of it.

No one ever said it was easy to admit weakness. It gets even trickier with CEOs. 

Having only portrayed their strong side to those around them, they somehow trick even themselves into ignoring their weaknesses.

Stepping back and delegating for the sake of efficiency would be ideal for any company.

It is not an easy thing, not letting your shortcomings get the better of you. It requires sheer will. Any CEO that can do this can be relied on to be consistent and focused on the positives. 

  • Caring too much about ‘making it’

Getting interviewed by the press about success stories is definitely cool. According to Touchdown Semiconductor CEO Brett Fox, however, prioritising fame over success would take the company down the path to doom. 

For many CEOs, ‘making it’ does not mean paparazzi. It means getting their company recognised for its worth, as they see it. Which means the exhaustion would be worth it at the end of the day if their mission is accomplished. 

Farsightedness and perseverance – two important qualities of a CEO. The start-up with this CEO is well on its way to success. 

  • Yes, yes, good job. Moving on. 

Big or small, victories should be celebrated. Yet, many companies – or CEOs – always overlook the small ones. It gets worse when they are too harsh on themselves if they fail. 

Acknowledging accomplishments is crucial in boosting group morale. And that appreciation means a lot more coming from the CEO. It creates inspiration for future wins and keeps spirits up. 

On the flipside, CEOs can sometimes tend to lay back and lose focus on their goals once they get a taste of victory. 

The ones that move on quickly to their next goal have the ability to look at the big picture. Not being tunnel-visioned goes a long way in attaining long-term goals. 

  • Will you be my friend? Please?

Networking is one of the most useful tools for a start-up. Here you can find investors, mentors, and all sorts of other professionals.

CEOs, however, are at risk of going overboard. Attending every networking event they get an invite to and following every investor whose profile they come across on LinkedIn are signs of a little overenthusiasm. 

Statistically speaking, few of these newly-established contacts are of actual use to a start-up. 9 in 10 investors may be uninterested, while some mentors’ guidance may not be what that start-up needs. 

It is the CEO’s undampened driving force and hope that is the advantage here. They pitch to every investor with the same positive mindset. Each time, they hope this will be ‘The One’.  

The contacts they make are carefully stored away for a rainy day. This preparation and conviction are what make a reliable start-up CEO.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, even Jeff Bezos; every CEO has their drawbacks. It is the way they make up for them, that sets them apart from everyone else. 

Weaknesses are necessary for a start-up CEO. Without them, how can they strive to be one of the greats? 

Source Credit: Value.ai blog

A Start-up’s Struggles and One Way to Overcome Them

When you are a start-up that is just starting out in this highly competitive, overpopulated-with-competition world, it is tough. Becoming the next AirBnb or Uber comes with an entire set of challenges. 

Acquiring first customers

When a speaker gives a speech, the hook is crucial. Whether or not you manage to get your audience’s attention at the very beginning is what determines how effectively your message is ready to be received. 

The same applies for a product or service. Once it is developed and out there, promotional efforts come into play. Social media becomes a significant marketing tool. The content a company puts out becomes their hook. 

Facebook, Apple, Coca Cola; their initial marketing efforts contributed greatly to their significant success today. 

There are countless products which are out there in the market, with their existences fading even before being established in the first place. A company’s first customers are crucial, because they are the people who trusted the product enough to try it. If they are appeased, a happy-turned-loyal customer is the best spokesperson any company could ask for. 


Any good driver knows what traction is, but the definition changes up slightly in the business world. Here it means the progress and momentum growth of a company alongside the growth of its business. 

There can be several reasons as to why a start-up is not getting enough traction. Just building the product is not enough. It does not guarantee that a start-up is anywhere close to success. The key – and hurdle – is making sure the company branding is oriented around the product, while giving timely and strong support to its customer base. 

If a product does not solve a problem, address a need, or even make lives easier or more entertaining – chances are, customers will not pick it up. They may not have a need for the product or may simply not be interested in using it. 

Poor presentation could be yet another factor for lack of traction. This may not just be of the product, but even the company itself. 

For instance, poor website presentation – if you run a start-up and your company’s purpose, value, and problem-solving statement cannot be effortlessly found out from your website, it is high time for it to be upgraded to include all these. 

Without a clear reason of why your product exists, the website essentially serves no actual purpose. 

The same applies to the company’s social media platforms. The best content communicates with your target audience by – for starters – telling them who you are, what you do, and what is in it for them. 

It is crucial to maintain an active social media presence by regularly updating your customers (followers) and constantly trying to engage them in interaction. Several start-ups lack in the latter aspect on their social media platforms, which is why they hardly get any interaction despite having large numbers of followers. 

Small team

Any company, big or small, cannot function without the contribution of its team; its people. Each member plays a significant role, and this is magnified when it comes to a start-up. 

Since the number of employees in a start-up generally stays in the single-digit range, there is a lot more responsibility on each member. A great deal more effort, time, energy, creativity and brain power are required to get a start-up’s wheels turning. Without any of these, forget exponentially gaining momentum; even keeping up the momentum already gained will be a tough task. 

The worst part? Despite all this, more often than not, the employees’ hard work may not even be seen or acknowledged by outsiders. It could be customers not doing their hard work justice by constantly not responding to social media posts, or it could be investors shooting down pitches so easily it is almost dishearteningly dismissive. 

Apart from that, every member needs to have an in-depth knowledge of their job scope and probably even beyond. While start-ups offer large room for learning, the work scope can seem so vast to the small team that it induces pressure as well. 

If a conflict occurs within the members, the impact is felt greatly. In order to not let it snowball and eventually affect the quality of work, the team has to resolve their conflicts and work amicably. 

Lack of results

Despite the entire team’s efforts, the chances of there being no results is high. Even after countless campaigns, posts and promo codes, the response rate can be dejectedly low. 

This in turn can induce despair in employees, because any sort of response would have at least given them a sense of direction. Without feedback – positive or negative – the members would desperately be trying to figure out what they did wrong without knowing where to start from. 

So, instead of working on tweaking their current campaign according to obtained feedback, the members will be feeling lost, directionless, and may even be going around in circles trying to figure out where to focus their efforts. 

Deadly, harmful reviews

It is difficult enough for a start-up to get the ball rolling without any sort of feedback or response from customers. Now imagine having to make a reputation for your company amidst an influx of negative reviews. 

These deadly reviews can do serious damage to even established conglomerates, so you can only imagine the endeavours a poor start-up has to go through to try and battle the impact of all the negativity. 

Kudusto.com.au founder Paul Ryan once said that this negativity could “cripple” small companies such as start-ups. 

Start-ups need to respond with carefully and intricately-chosen words to get themselves out of this mess, so that their customer base is strengthened and they can channel their time and energy on other aspects as well. 

The Solution (one of them, at least)

Here is the thing, though. Despite all the struggles that a start-up faces, there is always a solution. If there was not, then Grab and Lazada would not be where they are today. 

For my company, PHIX, our most effective solution so far has been none other than the formidable social media. 

Singapore has one of the highest social media penetration rates in the world, with over 4.7 million people being active social media users as recently as last year. That amounts to nearly three-quarters of the population. 

These statistics are astounding, and should thrill any founder and marketing team worth their value. The possibilities of using social media to build a business identity are endless. 

That is what PHIX did. We lost momentum and traction after getting hit by Covid, and we tried several ways to regain them afterward and get back to the few thousand rapid downloads and hundreds of active users we had post-catastrophe. 

But the best solution for us turned out to be social media; more specifically, influencer outreach. We worked with social media influencers by offering them a complementary service of their choice from our app, and they posted their honest reviews about it along with videos or photos of them enjoying our service on their accounts. 

The results were fruitful; with our downloads, active users and number of bookings growing at pleasantly surprising rates and instilling a sense of euphoria in us. 

PHIX is continuing to grow today, and it is all because we made use of Singapore’s high social media usage rate. The network effect of social media is so widespread and effective that the impact was almost immediate. 

Now that we have found our solution, we are going to pivot towards and expand on this aspect to ensure continued growth and success for our future as well. 

If you work in a start-up and are finding a way to overcome your struggles, this would be a great platform to expand on. 

As I said earlier, there are endless possibilities. So, you could try it our way, or experiment and find your own ideal social media solution to make your start-up successful. 

Being A Freelancer in Singapore is Tough…Or is It?

No one said being a freelancer in Singapore was going to be easy. As a freelancer, you are your own employee, boss, secretary – basically your own company. 

Sounds perfect, don’t you think? Not only do you not work for anyone, but you are your own boss. The rates you set? Yours. The days you work? You decide. The clients you handle? Up to you! 

You can sympathise with your friends who work from 9 to 5 daily, but only sympathise. Because while they complain about travel cost, fatigue and back aches from sitting on their chairs for too long, you simply cannot relate. 

All this might be making freelancing seem like a walk in the park so far. “How is it tough?” you might ask. Well, being a freelancer is much more than calling the shots and taking a holiday whenever you want. For starters, you as an individual need to possess certain qualities to even have a chance at being a successful one. 

Since the productivity of a work day is in your hands, it all comes down to the discipline you have in making sure it does not go wasted. A freelancer’s discipline goes a long way in determining whether they make it or break it in the industry. 

Not just that, but perseverance is a key factor as well. There are going to be days where the money made is zero – for several reasons. Maybe there is no project you are currently undertaking, or you might just be going through a dry spell where you cannot find a new client. Not letting these deterrents get to you is the tricky solution. 

Human nature aside, there are many other aspects that come into play to successfully create and run your one-man (or woman) show. 

Step One: Get yourself online! And this does not just stop at Instagram or Facebook; create your own business website. Make it simple, accessible, and last but definitely not the least, beautiful. Because if you don’t take pride in your work, who will? 

Social media is a platform that you definitely should not discount or write off. As a professional working freelancer who finds their own jobs, you are going to need all the connections you can get. Finding like-minded people builds up the base of your business. 

Step Two: Get your separate business phone number and large stack of name cards. Establishing your corporate identity is vital to showing your clients – both existing and potential – the image you wish to portray. More importantly, it helps instill confidence in them about your seriousness and dedication towards your work. 

Step Three: Determine the services you offer and their rates. How are you going to make money to eat without showing your clients how much each dish on the menu costs? 

Social media, portfolio website, business phone line, name cards, services and rates. If this single-sentence-summary has you sighing right about now, wait. Because there is still one last step left, and it is the best one. 

What if you could do all this…on just one app? An app that you could simply download on your phone? 

Ladies and gentlemen, Step Four: Become a Phix Provider. 

Phix gives you the all-in-one platform to establish and advertise yourself, build connections and earn money at the same time. Its simple sign-up procedure is all you need to get through to set yourself up for a comfortable income to start pouring in, with clients coming to you for your services and not the traditional, other way around. 

It would take a whole bunch of other articles to talk about all that Phix Provider can offer you, but much less time for you to actually download it and explore them all. Trust me, you will not regret it. 

Sign up now, and be the best freelancer you can be. You can always thank me later! 

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

Singapore’s best plumbing services are easier to find than you think.

With almost a million and a half households in Singapore, there is definitely a need for household amenities such as electrical repairs, housekeeping, and even plumbing.

Let us talk about plumbing. When you search in Google, there are several plumbers or plumbing companies that pop up in less than a second. 

Google search for Plumber in Singapore.

How do you choose the one you want, though? There are so many factors to take into account: the timing, the price, the experience and legitimacy of the plumber and so on. Furthermore, communicating to make sure they know the exact problem has to be easy.

What if you did not have to scroll through search engines anymore? How does no more clicking on different links and websites to find the right plumber sound? Because we have the solution that can make that happen for you. 

This easy-to-use Singapore app has not just plumbers, but a wide range of other services as well. But let me bring you through the journey of selecting the right provider for you easily by zeroing in on plumbing. 

Phix App Features
  • Download Phix Customer from App Store/ Google Play Store .  
  • Sign up. 
  • Key in your address in the address bar provided. 
  • Pick one of the nine service categories 
  • In this case, you can find plumbing under ‘Repairs’. 
  • Select the exact type of plumbing issue you are looking to get fixed, such as toilet bowl or machine pipe unclogging. 
  • Tap on any provider reflected on the map, or on the number of available providers at the bottom of the screen. 

Watch below for a short tutorial on how to book a provider on Phix Customer App. (link)

Everyone from this list of plumbers has their own skills, experience, pricings, ratings and reviews available. What’s more, you have access to all this information to help you make a decision while picking a plumber. 

The best part about this? The providers shown are those in your vicinity, so it does not matter whether you are in Jurong, Woodlands, Punggol or Bedok. The service will be carried out at any time and place of your choice and convenience. 

Also, bid goodbye to bidding. 

Some platforms require providers to bid for a job they are interested in. This leaves them constantly having to check if they got the job, as well as makes them question themselves if they did not. 

Here at Phix, they do not have to feel demoralised anymore. The way it works here is simple. You choose the provider, and they get the job once you book them.

Phix gets you the provider on demand; just choose the provider, it’s that simple.

No more doubting providers’ worth. The providers on the platform are skilled and experienced, and they are more than willing to do their best for you if you book their services. 

Replace tiring search engine-scrolling with simple booking on Phix Customer. And not just for plumbers either. Electricians, housekeepers, yoga teachers – you name it, we have it.

Download Singapore’s very own on-demand service provider app. Make your lives easier today. Especially now that you can get a $20 discount on every service using the promo code NEW20

Click here & Download Phix Customer App now!

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

About Us

The ease that comes with the technologies of the 21st century is astounding. Just look at applications, or as we call them, apps. Be it food or a taxi, getting either in a few minutes is possible with just a click. You can even look for jobs just by scrolling through these apps.  

What happens, however, when you need something urgently fixed up in your own home? Or when your child’s exams are sooner than you thought and the need for a tutor is dire? What if you are dejected by the lack of replies even after taking the effort of sending out your well-written resume to countless jobs? Or if, say, one-fifth of your income is taken away as commission? 

And now for the real question: what if there is one app to solve all these problems? If you think that’s impossible, think again, for Phix is here! 

This one-of-a-kind platform provides services ranging from home-cleaning to finance, on demand. Customers now have the ability to book various kinds of services based on their needs. The simplicity of the app’s usage makes it extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

With the objective of being a fast, professional and effective bridge between customers and service providers, Phix has created two different apps; one each for both parties. 

Customers can make their booking in 4 short steps. 

  1. Choose the required service by simply clicking on the ‘+’ in the middle of the screen. This shows all the providers nearby as well as their rates. Once a provider is selected, their reviews and full list of services are reflected as well. 
  2. Swipe up to make the booking. There is a provision in this step to enter the number of desired units or hours, based on the nature of the job. 
  3. Select a time slot and payment method. This is simple and self-explanatory.
  4. Enter the residential unit number and include a short description of any specifications that the provider should be informed of.

Once the booking is complete, a notification will be sent to the customer when the provider has started making his or her way to the location. Customers can add their own review and experience to the provider’s profile upon completion of the job. 

The provider app is slightly different. Since Phix serves as a job portal for them, furnishing a detailed and comprehensive skillset would greatly benefit providers in terms of securing more jobs, and hence, more income. The process is definitely much simpler than applying for any other job, as there is no need to extensively search for various jobs in the first place and send resumes out to apply for each one of them.

Effortless procedure aside, Phix offers great flexibility and benefits for its registered providers. Not only is signing up free, there’s also a $50 perk for every new provider sign-up. This comes with the freedom of setting their own justified rates and schedules as well. 

A more detailed explanation of the navigation and plus points of the app can be found in this short video from our YouTube channel, Phix SG:

In a nutshell, Phix makes the process uncomplicated: one portal, one resume for providers, many jobs and services. 

Through this approach, Phix has not only revolutionised the tech market by being the first ever app to be a mass-service provider, but also created several job opportunities. Customers have quick and convenient access to services they would otherwise have to spend a considerable time looking for online. This in turn gives providers a chance to potentially make up to $3000 a month, which sits perfectly with Phix’s aim of lending a helping hand to those in the lower income bracket. 

So why wait when there’s no need to look further? Download Phix Customer or Phix Provider from your Play or App Stores to enjoy all these perks and more, and Phix your problems now! 

Download Phix Customer App Now!

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive


Yes, our website is ‘getphix.com’, and we do not sell weed. 

It might sound absurd to some that I’m even clarifying this, but scrolling through @getphix’s Instagram followers was even more absurd for me. 

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A post shared by PHIX (@getphix)

When I first began working in the company, the over-800 Instagram followers had me impressed. Such a significant figure for a practically new start-up? Definitely impressive. 

Then I started scrolling through those followers, and it was obvious that some of them had only become followers because they had a completely different idea about what we did. 

I jumped onto Google to check what it had to say about us. Typing ‘phix’ in the search bar, my colleagues and I were pleasantly surprised to see our website as the seventh suggestion on the first page itself. After all, being one of Google’s top 10 suggestions is no small achievement, especially for a young start-up. 

The only damper on our spirits was the small fact that the first six suggestions were all about vaping and weed. 

And that was the last push I needed to get in front of my laptop and furiously clack away at my keyboard, because this message needs to get out there – and it needs to get out now. 

Whether you’re one of our few kick-seeking Instagram followers or just the innocent reader who chanced upon this article, you need to know this: MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL; PHIX SG IS NOT. 

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A post shared by PHIX (@getphix)

The way we Phix you up is genuinely intended to and targeted at simplifying and bettering your lives in a 100% legal, fast and easy way. 

Welcome to our humble abode, where we help connect customers and service providers offering over 300 services. With one-half of our aim being to serve as a safe haven to providers, Phix proudly hosts a wide range of both white and blue-collar services, from housecleaning to tutoring. 

New services are constantly being added, and this way, we complete the second half of our aim by providing our customers on-demand, custom-made quick fixes. 

Phix has always been about the community. I can tell you first-hand how true that is; the efforts we take on a daily basis to communicate with as many existing and potential members of the Phix family as possible are never-ending.   

We move forward with the goal of constantly trying to reach out to as many people as we can so that we can help them to the best of our abilities. You could be a freelancer looking for an avenue to make more income, or a customer needing a service; our doors are always wide open for you. 

Legal, safe, simple, even healthy: these are not the words used to describe weed, but Phix SG. It still boggles me that a provision this good can simply be downloaded on a phone in a matter of mere seconds. 

With that, my passionate speech-making has come to an end, and I would like to thank you for your attention. Once again, we are Phix SG, and we do not sell weed. 

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR & Marketing Executive

Download Phix Customer App Now!