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How to Create Simple Yet Accurate Business Reports and Records

In any business, there is endless paperwork involved. It would be a lot easier to get through it all if it were simple, concise, and to-the-point. If you’re wondering how to go about doing that, this list would help. 

Make the purpose clear

Write your title such that it stands out clearly and can be read easily. 

A short description consisting of a few sentences would be good. This description would tell readers what the report is about and what’s in it for them. Talk about how the information in the report can be utilised for their benefit as well. 

If you have a tag line – which would be a plus point – draw attention to it by using colour, font, or other available visual tools. 

Easy navigation is key for quick understanding 

Visual guides used right would help greatly in allowing readers to pick up the main points of the report. Text, graphics and images act as distinct navigation signals. These would make identifying the key points in the report easier for the readers and help them be efficient by allowing them to zero in on what’s most important to them. 

Headings and subheadings are must-haves in reports. They should be easily attention-grabbing, and should act as markers for clear differentiation between different sections of the report. Having adequate spacing around them would also be easier on the eyes. 

Stick to a format. If your first bold heading indicates one distinct section of a report, make sure your following headings are synonymous with defining each of the other sections as well. 

This uniformity would give a logical, simple structure to the report that makes it easy to peruse. 

Consistency is key, and it applies to not just headings, but other visual elements used in the report as well. Font size, colour, bullet points, etc. 

Ensure that your page numbers, footers and references are in the same place on every page throughout your report. 

Visuals, visuals, visuals 

When I say visuals, they don’t have to be bright and loud and all over your report. Colour is definitely a key factor here but your photos, charts, graphs, and any other nuggets of design would heighten the interest aspect of your work. 

It is important that these are clear, well-spaced, and add value to your content. Doing so would go a long way in helping the audience understand what they’re looking at better. 

Not only are valid visuals a great way to increase your report’s appeal, they also help in reinforcing your message and purpose. For instance, an image of a prototype being tested would add value to a report about that prototype. 

When it comes to maintaining an excellent record-keeping system, there’s a whole other set of factors that come into play. I can’t list them all (this article would become a lot longer than intended) but here are what I feel some of the more essential ones.

Capture the information

​Once the idea is out there, capture it. Open up an excel sheet or google doc which would start storing all these bits of information, little or big, and keep updating it. 

This doesn’t just have to be limited to ideas. The finances can be kept track of in the same way. Revenues, personal expenses, business expenses, miscellaneous transactions; these are all essentials that fall under the capturing process. 

Discipline and consistency are required in this process, but over time, it’s one of the most useful habits you can develop when it comes to business. 

There’s no need to feel the pressure of utilising the information you have right away. Keep collecting it for, who knows, a rainy day in the future. The habit definitely doesn’t hurt anyone. 

Just make sure the information you capture is detailed so that when the time comes for it to be used, you don’t have any missing details that would render it invalid. The date, product, transaction amount are some examples of the details. 

Save what you record 

It would be a sheer waste of hard work and consistent effort if your gathered information isn’t saved on a platform or software somewhere. Saving what you’ve recorded is giving it a potential purpose. 

This matters especially when it comes to your finances. Your copy of them could always be cross-checked with the bookkeeper’s so that the final information you have is as accurate as possible. It would be ideal do to this on a monthly basis, along with a review of the content. 

Check, double check, triple check

Just logging all the information is of no use if it isn’t accurate and right. Set a regular time for you to go through whatever you’ve captured so you can make sure everything is correct. 

The vetting could be done fortnightly, twice a month; up to you. Sticking to the schedule once you’ve set it up, however, is vital. Only after you’ve done the vetting and ensured it’s all in order can the information be considered valuable. 

I’ve talked about recording the details, but let me take this chance to emphasise on its importance. The nature of the transaction, the product, its purpose, the time of the transaction; these are crucial for the record to be accurate. 

Take action based on what you see

There’s no need to if everything seems to be in order. But if you do see something that needs fixing, fix it yourself or by someone else. Get the work done. 

Craft your to-do list in order of priority, starting with the most urgent one. If you see your expenses creeping up on your earnings, or worse, surpassing them, act. 

Make changes and accommodate your needs around the spending cut you’re going to incorporate. It’s important that these changes don’t have a negative effect on your profits. 

Collect your debts on time, and take the necessary action to make that happen. Dragging it out will be a downfall for you, not the other party. 

There are a lot more tips out there for effective business record-keeping and reporting, but for me, these six capture the essence of what a company needs fundamentally. 

If you have more of your own, that’s great. If your company is at a stage where there’s room for experimenting – or even better, it’s encouraged – then no harm in trying these out, I’d say. 

This list of logical, tested-and-proven steps might just help your company get the strong foundation it’s looking for. 

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Start-ups, Here’s How to Be a Talent Magnet, Not a Scout

Every company naturally wants talented employees. Having people who are adept at their job is a valuable asset in many ways. This becomes especially more important for start-ups. 

The small team size of a start-up only means more responsibility on each member. Which means the hiring process itself has to be a tough, meticulous one. 

Would it not be a smarter move, then, for the start-up to work on making itself desirable first? Here are some ways which could help a start-up relax and wait for the talent to approach instead of scouting for it themselves. 

Put yourself out there 

If you want people to know about your start-up, you have to publicise. That starts by telling everyone 

  • who you are, 
  • what you stand for, 
  • and how your start-up benefits the community. 

It is only when a start-up puts out this fundamental yet critical information about itself that people would start talking. Make sure the content is factual and straightforward. This will give the public a clear understanding and time to mull over the information. Be mindful to keep your message honest. After all, honesty is the best policy. 

Utilising the available channels of mass media is key. Take advantage of platforms that would help your start-up reach its desired target audience. This goes a long way in building your reputation. 

The start-up’s portrayal on media should reflect and broadcast its tone, style and purpose. Be sure to make the company’s intended contribution to society loud and clear. 

If the messaging is purposeful, it will resonate with the talent out there that the start-up is seeking. In turn, this would stimulate the former to seek the latter.

Marketing. Effective marketing. 

I would wager a bet that majority of you – if not all – would have had gone through at least one interview in your lives. Which means you should know the most necessary skill required: the ability to sell yourself. 

That is what a start-up has to do here. The company values, as well as what makes the start-up at its very core, come into play here. These qualities have to call out to the talent for them to be attracted to the start-up. 

To be able to do so, a start-up needs to think from two perspectives. 

  1. What they have to offer.
  2. What the talents would want or expect out of working with them particularly. 

The second aspect could contain several factors; from salary to work environment. Every talent that you interview from there on could have different expectations. Some could think of a start-up as open-space offices and regular snack breaks. For others, it could mean long work hours and a lot of initiative. 

It is important to hire team mates whose expectations align with the company’s and everyone else working in it. This way, at least the core ideology will be shared. 

Talent is often attracted to promotional opportunities and knowledge expansion. Let them know that your start-up is where they can get these and much more. 

Start-up members each have significant roles to play in its progress. Talent would be gratified to know how greatly their contribution matters to the company. They should be reassured that the company needs them.

The chance to try their hands at different skillsets and not just be limited to their own toolbox would also serve as a strong incentive in attracting talent.


To many people, the word ‘attitude’ is paired with a negative connotation at first sound. In doing so, they suffer a misconception which could affect their mindsets for the worse.  

Yes, it is true that attitude could mean something negative. However, it could also be used in a completely different sense. 

A definition of Oxford’s says that attitude is ‘individuality or self-confidence’. People who possess this attitude are the ones that start-ups should pull aboard their ship. 

Talent does not automatically translate to good attitude. In fact, the contrary is found to be true more often than not. While skills are important, attitude determines the team member’s willingness to get the job done right. Despite failures and several revisions, they possess the grit to see it through till the end. 

Several hirers on LinkedIn and other online platforms have expressed that they would prioritise attitude over skill in an employee. It is a greater joy to teach a willing, not-so-bright student than to wrestle with trying to educate a snobby know-it-all. 

As the saying goes, “one bad apple can spoil the bunch.” Similarly, one team member with a bad attitude could negatively impact those around them. Hence, it is important to employ people with a mind open to learning and working. 

Interviewing the right way 

As individuals, we tend to form first impressions of every person we meet. On some occasions, we find out how wrong we were after getting to know the person better. 

Which is why it is crucial that interviewees get interviewed in the correct manner. The effectiveness and accuracy of the results comes from the right interview process.  

Not only should the hired team mate be in line with the company’s ideology, they should also be able to add their own value to the working culture. 

An interviewer should ensure that the questions asked are actually answered and not swerved around. A story to back up the answers would be an added bonus in terms of getting a better understanding of the interviewee’s character and calibre. 

An interview engineered right could be just the trick in hiring the right talent for a start-up. 

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of competition out there for employers. It gets tougher for start-ups as they are competing with conglomerates which have already established their reputations and attract talent on a global scale. 

Working on these four aspects, however, is better than not making any effort at all. In Singapore itself, there are over 55,000 start-ups – and this number is only growing. 

The start-ups who practise these methods would have the upper hand on those that have yet to get the ball rolling, or whose efforts are unfocused. 

It is never too late to start building your start-up team, but when you do, do it right. Focus on your start-up, so that talent cannot help but focus on it too. 

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5 Reasons Why Foreigners Should Invest in Singapore Start-ups

Investing is no small business. Especially when looking for the right small business on a global scale. There is a whole list of factors to consider, but here are 5 of – according to us – the most important ones to help you as a foreign investor in making the right decision. 

  • Small country with modern-age infrastructure. And, oh, the success stories because of it. Local start-up Grab wouldn’t have been able to secure its 50% market share without the advanced technological and infrastructural advantages Singapore has to offer. 
  • The start-up scene here could be called relatively new, but it already has produced notable, successful brands. Just earlier this month, Grab has raised its valuation to nearly $40 billion, after its highly successful merger with SPAC. There are several other such young, promising companies available here. As an investor with ferocious appetite and capacity to build a business and help society, why not be the first one to sit at the table and get to choose a piece of the freshly baked pie?
  • As an investor, a priority when investing would be a business-friendly policy environment. You’re in luck, because Singapore has been ranked World Bank has ranked Singapore in the Top 3 countries among 190 countries for its ease of doing business for over a decade now. If simple, efficient, and quick are what you want, you’d be hard pressed to find a better country to give you all 3. 
  • There are many things to factor in with start-ups. Access to start-up resources, effective start-up ecosystem, a skilled workforce, so on and so forth.
    • In Singapore, however, we have them all. Start-up resources – several evidences to show this, but the biggest one is that Singapore has been described as the 1st freest economy in the world, making it a great place for start-ups to operate. You are able to set up a business in any sector; trade is not limited; and currency is strong and stable, allowing for capital to flow easily in and out of the country.
    • Skilled workforce – Singapore ranks as the best country for developing human capital, according to a report released by the World Bank.
  •  If you’re worried about laws – which is valid – don’t be. Singapore’s legal system is known for being fair, efficient and impartial, and it is ranked as the fourth least corrupt country in the world. Strong protections for contract law are in place with Singapore’s legal system. The laws themselves are strictly enforced by the courts. It is a testament to the country’s legal system that many large companies often mutually choose to apply Singapore law to their contracts even when neither party is located in the country.

You may have more reasons that are important to you when looking into investing a start-up, but these 5 should be a good place to start. Whatever other checkboxes you might have, rest assured, Singapore ticks them all

Being A Freelancer in Singapore is Tough…Or is It?

No one said being a freelancer in Singapore was going to be easy. As a freelancer, you are your own employee, boss, secretary – basically your own company. 

Sounds perfect, don’t you think? Not only do you not work for anyone, but you are your own boss. The rates you set? Yours. The days you work? You decide. The clients you handle? Up to you! 

You can sympathise with your friends who work from 9 to 5 daily, but only sympathise. Because while they complain about travel cost, fatigue and back aches from sitting on their chairs for too long, you simply cannot relate. 

All this might be making freelancing seem like a walk in the park so far. “How is it tough?” you might ask. Well, being a freelancer is much more than calling the shots and taking a holiday whenever you want. For starters, you as an individual need to possess certain qualities to even have a chance at being a successful one. 

Since the productivity of a work day is in your hands, it all comes down to the discipline you have in making sure it does not go wasted. A freelancer’s discipline goes a long way in determining whether they make it or break it in the industry. 

Not just that, but perseverance is a key factor as well. There are going to be days where the money made is zero – for several reasons. Maybe there is no project you are currently undertaking, or you might just be going through a dry spell where you cannot find a new client. Not letting these deterrents get to you is the tricky solution. 

Human nature aside, there are many other aspects that come into play to successfully create and run your one-man (or woman) show. 

Step One: Get yourself online! And this does not just stop at Instagram or Facebook; create your own business website. Make it simple, accessible, and last but definitely not the least, beautiful. Because if you don’t take pride in your work, who will? 

Social media is a platform that you definitely should not discount or write off. As a professional working freelancer who finds their own jobs, you are going to need all the connections you can get. Finding like-minded people builds up the base of your business. 

Step Two: Get your separate business phone number and large stack of name cards. Establishing your corporate identity is vital to showing your clients – both existing and potential – the image you wish to portray. More importantly, it helps instill confidence in them about your seriousness and dedication towards your work. 

Step Three: Determine the services you offer and their rates. How are you going to make money to eat without showing your clients how much each dish on the menu costs? 

Social media, portfolio website, business phone line, name cards, services and rates. If this single-sentence-summary has you sighing right about now, wait. Because there is still one last step left, and it is the best one. 

What if you could do all this…on just one app? An app that you could simply download on your phone? 

Ladies and gentlemen, Step Four: Become a Phix Provider. 

Phix gives you the all-in-one platform to establish and advertise yourself, build connections and earn money at the same time. Its simple sign-up procedure is all you need to get through to set yourself up for a comfortable income to start pouring in, with clients coming to you for your services and not the traditional, other way around. 

It would take a whole bunch of other articles to talk about all that Phix Provider can offer you, but much less time for you to actually download it and explore them all. Trust me, you will not regret it. 

Sign up now, and be the best freelancer you can be. You can always thank me later! 

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

Maybe Not Like Budget 2021, But We Are Helping Singaporeans Too.

Budget 2021 is out, and it has brought a plethora of financial changes to be implemented with it. This contains a mix of the government’s abundant help towards the society and every individual citizen’s contribution to sustain our country through the worst financial recession since independence.

Even amidst all these changes, however, Phix somehow manages to fit right in and stay relevant.

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that petrol duty rates would increase by 15 cents per litre for premium petrol from Tuesday, 16 February. This is alongside a 10 cent-raise in petrol duty rate for intermediate petrol.  

Undoubtedly, this affects almost everyone significantly. Phix customers, however, have it slightly better. 

This is when the geolocation feature comes in handy. Given this, customers can look for and choose providers closer to their homes. Not only does this shorten the time and money spent on travelling for the provider, it also allows the prices to stay stable as there is no hike in transport fee – if any. 

Another way we resonate with what has been said in Budget 2021 is in terms of financial help to households. 

A whopping $900 million has been dedicated to the Household Support Package to support families with their expenses, such as children’s education and utilities bills. 

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In our little way, we are trying to achieve our aim of helping the local community by personally sourcing providers for customers who require their services. This has a two-pronged advantage. Our customers’ needs are met, while our providers get equal distribution of the available jobs.

The government is also extending the Jobs Support Scheme for hard-hit industries. 

We at Phix try to provide financial aid to our providers as well. Though it is a far cry from the additional $700 million that the government is going to be pumping in, Phix covers every provider’s commission rate for a time through a $50 bonus given to them. This monetary cushion lasts for a good number of jobs due to the low commission rate. 

Budget 2021 is the government’s thoughtfully packaged solution to the people of Singapore, and it undeniably goes a long way in helping each and every one of them. Phix is simply seeking inspiration from this colossal effort and taking it in stride to help achieve its own aim of helping Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. 

As Mr Heng said in his Budget 2021 speech, and I quote, “I am confident that we, as Singaporeans, can once again summon our resolve to tackle the challenges and emerge stronger from this unprecedented crisis.” 

Personally, we could not agree more. Once you are a part of our Phix family, we take care of you in the best way we can. The best part? With just a single tap on your App Store or Play Store, you can join us as early as right now.

Download now and experience our very own version of Budget 2021.

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

7 Tips for A Happy Family.

‘Emotion’ is a simple enough word. But when it comes to actually experiencing them – not that simple anymore. 

Especially when it comes to family. There is no group of people in our lives more trying than them. Elation, anger, sadness; these are just some of the emotions we experience in the wide spectrum that they make us feel. 

Feeling all these emotions is more than alright. How to act on them in an appropriate manner is the tricky part. Sometimes, we tend to bring home the stress and duress of work, and that may translate into negative behaviour from us.  

Here are 7 pointers to consider to avoid unleashing your negative feelings and behaviour on your loved ones. 

Listen first if you want to be listened to.

This factor is definitely a two-way street. If you have expectations of your family being there to listen to you without you reciprocating it when they need it, you need to re-assess those expectations. 

Take a step back and look at yourself first.

Though your family definitely contributes to the way you may be feeling at a certain point, they are not responsible for your emotional well-being. And they most certainly are not answerable to who you are as a person at your very core. 

If you work on yourself, not only do you find your equilibrium from within, but your emotional stability may inspire the rest of your family to follow suit.

Consistency builds trust

This is not just about sticking to your word; it is also about being constant in the way you act. Loving your family one day and frightening them the next leaves them confused. Do not risk their foundation of trust in you being shaken up due to your emotional volatility. 

Just because you are close, does not mean you are them.

No one knows you better than family, and no one knows your family better than you. This is a given, seeing as they are the people you spend every day of your life with and around.

This tight bond, however, does not mean that you are the same person. Every individual has their individuality, and you have to accept that. Regardless of how similar your thought-processes may be, each member of your family has their own take on different issues, and respecting that is crucial in avoiding conflicts. 

An apology goes a long way.

‘Sorry’ is such a small word, yet takes the greatest efforts for some to be able to say. Apologising does not equate to lowering yourself, especially when it comes to those you love. On the contrary, it makes them respect and trust you more. 

Asking how you can make amends is a good follow-up to a sincere apology.

Evaluate why you and them may not be on the same page. 

If you have children, you know better than anyone how tough it is to see eye-to-eye with them on certain issues. Of course, they cannot have everything that they wish for, but is saying no all the time good? Especially when they are genuinely insisting on something? Taking a step back at times like this to assess why you are so strongly against it and trying to understand why they are persistent on certain choices is highly recommended. 

Accept and value every phase of life in your loved ones.

Last but far from the least, accept your family for who they are. Your children will not always be children, just like your parents are not going to stay strong and able forever.

Valuing each different stage of life they enter, along with your own, establishes a strong sense of understanding. This goes a long way in strengthening familial bonds and ensuring a happy family. 

These tips are only brushing the surface of what you can do to lead a happier life with a happier family over the years, but they are a solid start and foundation to doing so. 

Try some when you get home today. I promise you, just a smile from your loved ones will make all the effort worth it. 

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

Singapore’s best plumbing services are easier to find than you think.

With almost a million and a half households in Singapore, there is definitely a need for household amenities such as electrical repairs, housekeeping, and even plumbing.

Let us talk about plumbing. When you search in Google, there are several plumbers or plumbing companies that pop up in less than a second. 

Google search for Plumber in Singapore.

How do you choose the one you want, though? There are so many factors to take into account: the timing, the price, the experience and legitimacy of the plumber and so on. Furthermore, communicating to make sure they know the exact problem has to be easy.

What if you did not have to scroll through search engines anymore? How does no more clicking on different links and websites to find the right plumber sound? Because we have the solution that can make that happen for you. 

This easy-to-use Singapore app has not just plumbers, but a wide range of other services as well. But let me bring you through the journey of selecting the right provider for you easily by zeroing in on plumbing. 

Phix App Features
  • Download Phix Customer from App Store/ Google Play Store .  
  • Sign up. 
  • Key in your address in the address bar provided. 
  • Pick one of the nine service categories 
  • In this case, you can find plumbing under ‘Repairs’. 
  • Select the exact type of plumbing issue you are looking to get fixed, such as toilet bowl or machine pipe unclogging. 
  • Tap on any provider reflected on the map, or on the number of available providers at the bottom of the screen. 

Watch below for a short tutorial on how to book a provider on Phix Customer App. (link)

Everyone from this list of plumbers has their own skills, experience, pricings, ratings and reviews available. What’s more, you have access to all this information to help you make a decision while picking a plumber. 

The best part about this? The providers shown are those in your vicinity, so it does not matter whether you are in Jurong, Woodlands, Punggol or Bedok. The service will be carried out at any time and place of your choice and convenience. 

Also, bid goodbye to bidding. 

Some platforms require providers to bid for a job they are interested in. This leaves them constantly having to check if they got the job, as well as makes them question themselves if they did not. 

Here at Phix, they do not have to feel demoralised anymore. The way it works here is simple. You choose the provider, and they get the job once you book them.

Phix gets you the provider on demand; just choose the provider, it’s that simple.

No more doubting providers’ worth. The providers on the platform are skilled and experienced, and they are more than willing to do their best for you if you book their services. 

Replace tiring search engine-scrolling with simple booking on Phix Customer. And not just for plumbers either. Electricians, housekeepers, yoga teachers – you name it, we have it.

Download Singapore’s very own on-demand service provider app. Make your lives easier today. Especially now that you can get a $20 discount on every service using the promo code NEW20

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

5 Benefits of Having Family as Your Support System.

I am not sure about you, but personally, family is my biggest source of support. Had a bad day? They are there to cheer you up. Need to talk to someone? They are always around and available to hear you out.

Here are 5 of the many reasons why family is the best support system. 

You handle stress better.

What better reason to start off with than family being a stressbuster? Studies show that family inclusion was associated with greater resilience in the face of stress. A certain Carnegie Mellon University study even illustrates that people talk about their problems with their loved ones. This serves as a much healthier alternative than the others, such as substance abuse. 

Your lifespan increases.

It would be safe to say that spending time with family brings people one step closer to immortality. On top of that, not only do they live longer, but they live better as well. Having larger social circles translates to reduced stress, better memory, and long-term sharpness of the brain. 

Your mental health improves.

Family time does wonders for one’s emotional and psychological well-being. One way it does so is by giving people a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life. This in turn keeps them motivated and spurs productivity in their daily activities. 

There is another way mental health is improved. Different members of family bring out different facets of an individual’s personality, thereby giving them a better idea of who they are as a person. Confidence is boosted, and we all know how much we could use that in our lives.

Your mindset broadens. 

Family also helps in broadening our perceptions. Say you talk to someone about a problem you are going through; their point of view will most likely only give you a better understanding from one angle. If you share it with others, however, they may be able to offer you different takes on the same issue. This helps to give you a more comprehensive outlook on the issue as a whole.

It is great for the heart.

This benefit sounds like a no-brainer, but it is one of the biggest ones that family time has to offer. If you think about it, there are not many other intangible things that are as effective in improving cardiovascular strength and health. 

Apart from the emotional aspect of the heart feeling warmer when it comes to family, the stress relief factor helps to reduce risk of clogged arteries. Not only is the risk of heart attacks lowered, so are the pulse rate and blood pressure levels.

As you can see – and most likely already knew before reading this article – spending time with family gleans benefits in more than one way. It is an all-rounded solution for the perfect physical, emotional and mental health. 

Even though this is common knowledge, sometimes the simplest things need to be said out loud to have the greatest impact. So, if it is late now, and you are still working, close your laptops and head home. Because there is just no better way to unwind than by simply being with family. 

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

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Family Bonding Requires Planning…But Does It Really?

Do you do the Sunday thing with your family too? Where you allot that one day of the week as ‘family day’? Lunches, dinners, picnics, movies; all the fun that you plan and save for right before the start of a new work week. Sometimes, it seems as though it is the only time we set aside to spend with family. 

But why? Is the scramble to book tickets for shows and outings necessary to spend a quality day with your loved ones? Moreover, does it not count as ‘family day’ if there is no prior planning involved? 

It may seem as though this article has been nothing but a barrage of questions from the get-go. But to the family man or woman reading this right now, I would appreciate if you could take a moment to answer them for yourself. 

To put it plainly, bonding is simply being together. Small activities such as cleaning the house or sitting on the couch watching television together after dinner counts as bonding too. These can go a long way, with moments being created which the entire family can laugh about – now or even years later. 

Spending time together, even the slightest moments, does wonders for any relationship. One example would be that of younger parents and children. While children learn how to behave and function in the world, parents are simultaneously learning how to do a good job at teaching them while building a strong foundation with them. 

The latter, especially, is crucial. 

Studies have shown that spending time with your children has many benefits in shaping them, such as improved behaviour and grades. In the long run, these qualities make children bloom into ambitious, hardworking, and pleasant individuals. 

Bonding with your children also gives them plenty of room for creative space, most likely through the games played together as a family. Something as simple as building a fort can not only hone their skills, but also get their creative juices flowing. For instance, they could imagine the fort to be a kitchen and pretend to cook and serve dishes. Or the fort could serve as a clinic, in which case their inner doctor might make an appearance.  

Not to mention, it leads them to see you as a constant; someone vital and present in most – if not all – their earlier happy memories. When they build a fort in the future, perhaps with their own children, you will definitely be reminisced fondly.

This is not limited to just your children; bonding has a significant positive effect on your relationship with your parents, spouse and other loved ones as well.

The key to a happy and successful life is strong and healthy familial ties. Without family, there is no base unit and neither, perhaps, any source of support.

So, take some time out today – be it the moment you get back home or while having dinner afterward – to nurture small yet quality moments with the people you go home to. After all, home is where the heart is, and the heart is where family is. 

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

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How Young Working Parents Can Make Their Homes Safer Today.

In the case of family, there are no chances taken when it comes to being protected on all fronts; financially, health-wise, or any other. For any working parent, the safety and security of family is of utmost priority. Everything that comes into the house has to pass the parent-check first, and very rightly so because how else would the children be protected?

Essentially, what I am trying to say here is that safety does not happen accidentally. It takes rigorous effort and constant vigilance for Mummy and Daddy to make home feel like home in every sense.

Especially for things that they oftentimes may not have personal involvement in, such as housekeeping. During these times of duress, the demand for domestic help has stayed strong despite rising costs of keeping them. Even before the pandemic hit, there were already one in five Singaporean households that had a domestic helper

Today, the situation is even more dire. Having a helper has morphed drastically from a luxury good into a necessity – especially for young parents. Given this pandemic period, however, more domestic helpers are leaving the country and fewer are coming in

Since getting a full-time domestic helper is a scene where demand far exceeds supply, it is only natural for young working parents to turn to part-time hired help, and that entails a different set of security issues for a thorough parent to overcome. Since it is only legal to turn to the freelancer Singaporean and PR community for part-time help, there may be a prevalent concern of the lack of involvement of a higher authority. 

Parents may find this a drawback as they do not have the platform to express their concern about the freelancer, if any.

And that is where we come in. You see, Phix Customer is not just an app which offers over 300 services for you to choose from. It is an app which has people working and available behind the scenes; anytime, any day. 

Which means that at any point before, during, or after your booking process, should you have any concerns about the service provider – in this case, freelance housekeeper – we’re only one call away. Or message, for that matter – reaching us is really quite easy.

Contacting us aside, the app provides a list of housekeepers available in your geolocation once you enter your address and choose the service you require. Their ratings, reviews, rates and information on their past experience help you in booking the services of the provider you deem most suitable. 

The concerns of young working parents are something we understand, and so we do our best to make your experience a seamless one. Safety will never not be a prevalent factor for Mummies and Daddies, but with us, it will definitely be a mitigated one.

Take this chance to put your worries aside, for your safety is our priority. We would love to do our part in helping you make home just that – home. 

Download Phix Customer on your app store today, or visit our website, and give us the chance to show you we care. 

You could also always call us at 69666770 on weekdays between 10am and 5.30pm. 

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

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About PHIX App boss business business plan career children cleaning covid decision making entrepreneur family familytime Getting to know help housekeeping How it works improveresult inprove Intro legal marketing on-demand online owner parents Phix phix app PHIX Customer PHIX Provider result Singapore singapore startup skills spendingtimetogether start-up startup Step by Step vaccine videocall virus work-life balance working working mummy zoom