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About Us

The ease that comes with the technologies of the 21st century is astounding. Just look at applications, or as we call them, apps. Be it food or a taxi, getting either in a few minutes is possible with just a click. You can even look for jobs just by scrolling through these apps.  

What happens, however, when you need something urgently fixed up in your own home? Or when your child’s exams are sooner than you thought and the need for a tutor is dire? What if you are dejected by the lack of replies even after taking the effort of sending out your well-written resume to countless jobs? Or if, say, one-fifth of your income is taken away as commission? 

And now for the real question: what if there is one app to solve all these problems? If you think that’s impossible, think again, for Phix is here! 

This one-of-a-kind platform provides services ranging from home-cleaning to finance, on demand. Customers now have the ability to book various kinds of services based on their needs. The simplicity of the app’s usage makes it extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

With the objective of being a fast, professional and effective bridge between customers and service providers, Phix has created two different apps; one each for both parties. 

Customers can make their booking in 4 short steps. 

  1. Choose the required service by simply clicking on the ‘+’ in the middle of the screen. This shows all the providers nearby as well as their rates. Once a provider is selected, their reviews and full list of services are reflected as well. 
  2. Swipe up to make the booking. There is a provision in this step to enter the number of desired units or hours, based on the nature of the job. 
  3. Select a time slot and payment method. This is simple and self-explanatory.
  4. Enter the residential unit number and include a short description of any specifications that the provider should be informed of.

Once the booking is complete, a notification will be sent to the customer when the provider has started making his or her way to the location. Customers can add their own review and experience to the provider’s profile upon completion of the job. 

The provider app is slightly different. Since Phix serves as a job portal for them, furnishing a detailed and comprehensive skillset would greatly benefit providers in terms of securing more jobs, and hence, more income. The process is definitely much simpler than applying for any other job, as there is no need to extensively search for various jobs in the first place and send resumes out to apply for each one of them.

Effortless procedure aside, Phix offers great flexibility and benefits for its registered providers. Not only is signing up free, there’s also a $50 perk for every new provider sign-up. This comes with the freedom of setting their own justified rates and schedules as well. 

A more detailed explanation of the navigation and plus points of the app can be found in this short video from our YouTube channel, Phix SG:

In a nutshell, Phix makes the process uncomplicated: one portal, one resume for providers, many jobs and services. 

Through this approach, Phix has not only revolutionised the tech market by being the first ever app to be a mass-service provider, but also created several job opportunities. Customers have quick and convenient access to services they would otherwise have to spend a considerable time looking for online. This in turn gives providers a chance to potentially make up to $3000 a month, which sits perfectly with Phix’s aim of lending a helping hand to those in the lower income bracket. 

So why wait when there’s no need to look further? Download Phix Customer or Phix Provider from your Play or App Stores to enjoy all these perks and more, and Phix your problems now! 

Download Phix Customer App Now!

Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive