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Family Bonding Requires Planning…But Does It Really?

Do you do the Sunday thing with your family too? Where you allot that one day of the week as ‘family day’? Lunches, dinners, picnics, movies; all the fun that you plan and save for right before the start of a new work week. Sometimes, it seems as though it is the only time we set aside to spend with family. 

But why? Is the scramble to book tickets for shows and outings necessary to spend a quality day with your loved ones? Moreover, does it not count as ‘family day’ if there is no prior planning involved? 

It may seem as though this article has been nothing but a barrage of questions from the get-go. But to the family man or woman reading this right now, I would appreciate if you could take a moment to answer them for yourself. 

To put it plainly, bonding is simply being together. Small activities such as cleaning the house or sitting on the couch watching television together after dinner counts as bonding too. These can go a long way, with moments being created which the entire family can laugh about – now or even years later. 

Spending time together, even the slightest moments, does wonders for any relationship. One example would be that of younger parents and children. While children learn how to behave and function in the world, parents are simultaneously learning how to do a good job at teaching them while building a strong foundation with them. 

The latter, especially, is crucial. 

Studies have shown that spending time with your children has many benefits in shaping them, such as improved behaviour and grades. In the long run, these qualities make children bloom into ambitious, hardworking, and pleasant individuals. 

Bonding with your children also gives them plenty of room for creative space, most likely through the games played together as a family. Something as simple as building a fort can not only hone their skills, but also get their creative juices flowing. For instance, they could imagine the fort to be a kitchen and pretend to cook and serve dishes. Or the fort could serve as a clinic, in which case their inner doctor might make an appearance.  

Not to mention, it leads them to see you as a constant; someone vital and present in most – if not all – their earlier happy memories. When they build a fort in the future, perhaps with their own children, you will definitely be reminisced fondly.

This is not limited to just your children; bonding has a significant positive effect on your relationship with your parents, spouse and other loved ones as well.

The key to a happy and successful life is strong and healthy familial ties. Without family, there is no base unit and neither, perhaps, any source of support.

So, take some time out today – be it the moment you get back home or while having dinner afterward – to nurture small yet quality moments with the people you go home to. After all, home is where the heart is, and the heart is where family is. 

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Shreyaa Kanneboina, PR and Marketing Executive

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